Draw More Local Customers with Effective Electronic LED Signs

Gsa led sign

How many walk-ins does your retail business receive every day? What about on a weekly basis? Monthly? If you receive a large number of walk-ins, then you probably have good signage. A recent poll showed that 17% of the customers that just walked into Best Buy did so because they noticed their sign.

It’s also interesting to note that 35% of potential and/or existing customers wouldn’t know about a business, including its location, if it weren’t for effective signage. Given their strategic locations, billboards are an effective means to draw customers to your business. A recent poll showed that after seeing a billboard advertisement 32% chose to visit that retailer later in the week.

If your business isn’t receiving the foot traffic that you want, it could be because you don’t have a clearly delineated sign. Another reason could be that the signage hasn’t been changed for a while, and your prospective customers just don’t notice it.

Have you considered changing your sign? A recent study showed that adding or changing a sign can have a direct effect on sales. In fact, when you replace your business’ front wall sign with a larger one, it can potentially increase your revenue by 7.7%.

Electronic signs for business are an excellent option to attract new customers. Digital LED business signs are growing in popularity due to their effectiveness and versatility. Furthermore. by 2019, estimates indicate that LED signs for businesses and other venues will attain a 53% global lighting marketing penetration.

Since 85% of your potential customers work and/or live within the five mile area surrounding your business, it makes sense to install electronic signs for businesses. In case you weren’t aware, the value of an on-site sign is the equivalent of running 24 full-page newspaper ads every year. As a result, these signs are a cost-effective choice.

When you have an outdoor ad, you can increase your business’ presence and brand awareness. Over 37% of people that pass outdoor ads notice them. In addition, 26% will make note of a phone number and 28% will make note of a website.

People often make shopping decisions while driving. Whether they’re driving to-and-from work or on their way to other activities, such as weekend shopping trips, 68% of the poll’s participants stated they made their decisions while driving. When signs are bold, clear, and provide information, such as upcoming sales or specials, these can make a difference in how many customers step through your doors.

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