How to Take the Best Corporate Headshot

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A corporate headshot is necessary for any professional. It helps introduce you to prospective clients and employers in a professional way. However, it can be hard to take the appropriate picture that you want for your business needs. This video explains some helpful tips to take the best corporate headshot.

The first two things to do when you’re taking a picture is to stand up and lean forward. You may think it makes no difference if you’re seated or standing because the photo is only of the head and upper torso, at most, but it lends more confidence to your posture. Leaning in does the same thing. If you want to do something different, speak with the photographer you’re working with.

Push your forehead out and tilt your head down a bit so your photo captures your entire face. Other head tilts and shoulder leans will be determined by the photographer. Typically, one shoulder is positioned towards the camera and lowered slightly. Other angles will simply be determined by whether or not they look good.

Asymmetry is also important. If gives you a more natural look. Standing squarely and looking at the camera head on is going to give off a weird look. For more information, check out the link in the video above.

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