How to Start a Professional Relationship With a Product Manufacturer

The video starts with a lady saying that she will be giving tips on finding the right product manufacturer. Research is the first step toward finding the right manufacturer or supplier. You need to vet manufacturers as they affect the cost of your product, quality control, packaging, and shipping.

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Conventions and trade shows are also great ways of interacting with potential manufacturers or suppliers. If you can’t attend the convention or trade show, you can look at a convention’s exhibitor list to get in touch with suppliers and manufacturers online.
She notes that it’s good to establish emergency vendors to avoid being stranded if your primary vendor fails to deliver. She says that it is also important to communicate your designs. You can do this through sketches, written instructions, and reference photos.
You should also order samples before placing an order. If the samples meet your expectations, date and sign them. Send one of the samples to them to act as a control sample.
Remember that you can also negotiate with your manufacturer or supplier. Last but not least, place your order. You’ll want to employ quality control, especially when working with a new manufacturer.

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