How Roofing Services Make Millions in a Year

Upated 5/16/22.

The video focuses on Glenn Fedale, a roofing contractor. He started his company, G. Fedale Roofing, in 2002 when he was 23 years old. He says that his company has steadily reported a 10% profit margin. Commercial roofing services make up 40% of their jobs, while residential jobs make up 60% of their jobs.
He notes that accountability plays a key role in his company’s success.

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By giving incentives, and being able to track each employee, one can ensure that they’re getting the best from every member of the team.
Glenn has full-time employees with whom he builds long-term relationships. He also gives back to his community by giving jobs to the locals. Glenn Fedale roofing has its headquarters based in Newport, Delaware. He remarks that this has largely contributed to his company’s success in the area. His roofing business bought him three luxury cars, a $1,000,000 dream home, and a $1,600,000 beach home, among other valuable assets.

Glenn Fedale is a testimony that hard work truly pays off, and is living proof of the American dream.

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