How to Start a Manhole Cleaning Service

There are a lot of different businesses you can choose to start. Some businesses are harder than others to start. A manhole cleaning service (drain cleaning business) is one of the easier businesses to start. This video tells you the equipment you must have to start your manhole cleaning business.

Video Source

A drain camera is a must-have. A drain camera will help you to quickly identify problems and provide visual proof to the property owner of what is happening in their drain. A camera that can see what you cannot in the drains and pipes to easily target the problem.
You will need a large power auger that can eat threw roots and other debris built up in the sewer line that you can access through the manhole cover. These powerful augers make it lightweight for clearing the biggest clogs and debris.
Of course, you will need a way to haul all of your tools and identify your business. The presenter recommends investing in a cargo van to add legitimacy to your business and to haul your equipment. Watch this short video now to learn about all the basics you will need to get your business started.

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