How to Identify and Choose Concrete Sealers

Choosing the right concrete sealers for your project can be an overwhelming and quite confusing task. It’s recommended that you do extensive research to avoid any issues after choosing a concrete sealer as ToolboxDIY explains in their video, “Choosing a Concrete Sealer | Part 2 – Sealing Concrete.” Choosing a reliable and lasting sealant product for your concrete sealing project is important.

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You also need to understand the purposes of different types of sealers before you purchase them. Here are some of the main types of sealers you should look into.

Penetrative Sealers

They are used for the purpose of protecting concrete from erosion and staining. Some examples of penetrative sealers include silicone, silanes, and silicates which are used for various purposes. Silicates, which are a popular type, are used to densify and harden surfaces made of concrete.

Epoxy Sealers

They are suitable for designing purposes since they allow additions of color pigmentation which creates glossy surfaces on interior concrete finishing. Epoxy sealers are a popular choice when it comes to interior designing floor spaces.

Sealers are an important component in the process of concrete jobs. They are usually applied last and are therefore required to be of the best quality to provide satisfactory results. Always research beforehand on which type of sealer is suitable for you before purchasing one.


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