How to Get the Public In on the Inside Scoop of Your Establishment

Electronic marquee signs for schools

Are you looking to set up a church, business or school marquee? These are great ways to send out messages from your establishment to the public. Maybe school boards prefer using school marquees because they can be frequently changed to let students and parents know certain important facts. Business tend to use these marquee signs to draw the public in with various deals and discounts that are currently available. Church marquee signs are usually used to post catchy phrases that can draw attention to the building from passers by. Putting permanent information up on church, business or school marquees like opening hours or services times is pointless because that information doesn’t change. The whole point of a marquee sign is that you can easily change the lettering to spell out different information every day if you wanted to. Here are some other ways that you can get information out to the public.

While parents may pay attention to the school marquees, students may not. They are so used to seeing it and let’s face it, teenagers aren’t the most observant people in the world. However, if there is a flyer that is shown to them in class and explained, they might take more of an interest because not they understand it.

Using flyers for businesses is a little outdated but still necessary. Most people prefer online marketing but if you limit your company to only working within the limitations of the internet you will miss out on a whole generation or your target audience that may not look at the ads in their email or social media.

Churches often use flyers as a conversation starter or a way to inform the public of services times and upcoming events. Many times these flyers are thrown away but some people do keep them and use them to come to the church at a later time.

Schools need interactive websites because this generation is mainly Internet focused. They tend to lose papers and forget brochures but a website that displays all the necessary information is accessibly right there on their phones as well as easy to change once the dates pass and new events are upcoming.

Businesses can use websites not only to inform about services and deals but to allow online users to actually shop right from their phone, tablet, laptop or computer. It’s the best way to draw in more business and profit without anyone have to leave the comfort of their own home.

If you are running a church then a website can help you to market your upcoming events and invite people as well as offer a place for charitable giving to those who are already members or people who want to donate to your cause.

LED Signs
Flashing, bright signs are a great way to get a teenager’s attention. If they see something new flashing at them, they might actually take the time to read it. It also makes it easier for a parent to notice new information that they might need to take note of.

Business would benefit from an LED sign placed outside their establishment. Colors and flashes draw the eye of people who may not have noticed that the store was there previously. This is especially true at night time.

LED signs may or may not benefit churches any differently than they would a business. If the idea is purely to gain attention from people passing by, then a lit up sign would do just that.

The News
If you’re in school, you likely have a school newspaper that circulates every so often. Whether you read it or not, it’s a good way to get information out there. The better idea would be to take it home and allow parents to read it also. This would help them to better understand what is happening at school.

Businesses as well as churches can have ads placed in public newspapers about events or things that happen within the community of the church or place of business. This gives people a glimpse into what goes on behind the closed doors and might entice them to check it out.

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