Digital School Signs Are a Good Return On Investment

Outdoor led business signs

Are you a distracted driver? We know looking at our cell phones and eating are big no-nos when driving. But do you read the signs along the road? They are designed to get your attention, even before the spinning and dancing is thrown in to the equation. If you do read those signs on your routes around town, you are in good company: about 71% of drivers confess to taking a moment to look too. This information can be valuable, not just for commercial business signs but for digital school signs as well.

The Surprising Numbers About the Value of an Onsite Sign.

Most people read the signs they pass on the road, and about 35% of those drivers actually discover a new business because of a sign. They are also much more effective at advertising than other methods. For example, it would take about 24 newspaper ads to equal one onsite sign. Wondering how digital signs can help a school? After assuming of course that most drivers are aware of your school due to landmarks instead of flashing led signs, a scrolling marquee sign can actually bring more outside members of the community to open school events.

Schools Teach Our Kids, And They Need More Money.

Schools need money, for books, musical instruments, art supplies, and updated science equipment. Sometimes they need to raise money for a fun celebration for the students. We all know that the education system does the best that it can with what it has, but it is often difficult to fulfill every need. It has become necessary for schools to generate a cash flow. And effective advertising can help them achieve it.

Digital Signs: Can They Make You Money?

Digital school signs can bring money into the school. While fundraisers are effective, they really raise a small portion of money, usually for a specific cause. To raise big money, you need a big event, one that charges admission. Competitive sports with an arena for seating, such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey are especially great for spectators. A concession stand can also be a source of income. School plays are another great social activity for the community.

How will people know when these events are happening? Slips of paper get lost so easily. And very few people will call for information. Digital school signs proclaim this information easily, and most importantly, cheaply.

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