How To Choose A Competent Arbitrator

Alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, mediation, settlement conferences, neutral evaluation, and facilitation are becoming the norm when it comes to solving disputes. However, if you choose a method such as arbitration, you will need to have an expert to oversee the complex civil litigation, corporate investigation, or contractual disputes. In this regard, a competent arbitrator will come in handy. Unfortunately, finding such an expert is not that easy. It goes without saying that currently, there are a lot of arbitrators promising to offer the best services. But that is not always how it pans out. Getting a reliable arbitrator requires you to put some factors into consideration. Such factors include:


A professional arbitrator is the right person for the job. You do not want an arbitrator who will go around sharing the status of your employment discrimination case. That should always be the case if you want the case to remain between you and the opposing side. So, how do you find someone who is professional to provide arbitration services? You will need to have a sit down with people who have already dealt with arbitrators before. From consulting them, you will get insight on how to select someone competent. Remember, some options will be presented to you. Among the many experts to choose from, you will need the right person for the job. And that means professionalism will be a key variable in your selection.


Experience is a fundamental factor to consider during your selection process. It is great to be well-versed with the experience status of the arbitrator you intend to bring on board. That means you have to check the number of years the professional has been offering arbitration services. An expert who has been in the business of arbitration for a long time understands the dynamics of this profession. Therefore, progressiveness is a very vital feature about them.

To know the experience level of the arbitration professional can be identified through reviews and testimonials. These options will provide you with an overview concerning how long the arbitrator has been rendering these services. Besides, you also get to learn of the options that are out there for you. That means you have the luxury to choose an expert who is well-suited for the job at hand. So, the experience will be so crucial in your selection process.

Good Communication Skills

The arbitrator that is coming on board should have great communication skills. That means the expert needs to have a great command of the language you will be using while solving the contractual dispute. There will be a coordinated and organized way of both parties making their submissions with great communication skills. What follows will be a proper analysis of the case at hand, alongside the submissions made by both parties to ensure a proper settlement is arrived at. But that will not be possible if you hire a professional that lacks great communication skills. It is something that does not come out of the blues, but fortunately, it is achievable.

Conduct Background Checks

You must have a satisfactory synopsis about the arbitrator you intend to deal with. That requires you to carry out serious background checks. From the checks, you will get an overview of what the professional is all about and the experience there for your taking. Besides, background checks help you avoid fraudsters who might pose as experts in arbitration. So, the process needs to be thorough, leaving no stone unturned. Doing so will ensure you get a reliable individual who will solve your case in the best way possible.


As alternative dispute resolution methods become common when solving cases and legal issues, there is always the need to work with professionals. Unfortunately, that is where the rubber meets the rod. There are many agencies and individuals who claim to offer the best mediation or arbitration services. Unfortunately, that presents a chance to be shortchanged. Some of the lot is only made up of fraudsters hoping to exploit those who are naïve. That is why conducting a thorough selection process is so critical. An arbitrator needs to be competent and well experienced to provide satisfactory resolution to the case at hand. To hire such an expert, you will need to consider some of the factors highlighted in this article.

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