How 40-year-old Local Sign Companies Stay Alive

According to a Yale professor, the average lifespan of companies in the United States has dropped from over 50 years to 15 years.
One of the local sign companies in the United States is A-Max, situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The proprietor says her father started the company over four decades ago.

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The proprietor goes on to say she has been running the company since her dad passed on.
Local sign companies stay alive for 40 years and more because of factors such as:
1. Employees: Most local sign companies have employees who have been with them since they opened the shop and began operations. On the other hand, some employees have been around since they finished high school or college.
2. Partnerships: By partnering with large corporations and taking up all their orders, local companies are able to have a consistent flow of revenue.
3. Quality: Local sign companies stay alive by delivering quality signs and after-sale services to all their clients. Delivering quality work establishes a good working relationship with clients which makes clients hire these sign companies for future jobs.

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