Getting a Job in 2022

Job hunting can be an absolute nightmare for young people. With so many jobs requiring five or more years of experience, high school and even college graduates are feeling hopeless in the job market. With the hiring process getting more and more complex, it can even be a struggle to apply to a job, let alone interview for one. With so many layoffs due to the pandemic, people young and old are desperate to find a job that is a good fit for them. To get you started in your mighty job search, this video provides 6 tips to finding the perfect employment fit for you.

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First of all, don’t get stressed out. Your worth as a human being is not defined by your job title. Next, invest in creating Indeed and LinkedIn profiles. These will help you connect with several job openings and connections around you. Schedule some informational interviews with people in the area you want to work in. Offer to take them out to coffee or a cup of tea and chat about the industry. Share with them where you are and ask how you can grow into their job category. Finally, if all else fails, hire a temp agency to get you connected with a temporary position to get you started.


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