Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Trust Attorney!

When it comes to hiring a trust attorney, you may be a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information you will be hearing. Conflicting views on whether you even need a trust attorney are all over the map, and it can be hard to get a head start on searching for the right person for the job. Nobody trusts the handling of their money and assets to just anybody, so neither should you when it comes to your living trust case.

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This video shares 5 vital questions you should ask your attorney before hiring them on to your trust case.

First of all, you should ask your attorney if they will be administering the trust that they are making for you. This is basically asking if the attorney will help your family after the inevitable family death happens. If they say no or claim they don’t have administrative power to do this, then it is time to find a new attorney. You need somebody who will stick by your family’s side through this hard time, and distribute your assets exactly how you want them too. If they cannot devote to bringing your document to life, then they aren’t committing to your trust.


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