Electronic Invoices The Affordable, Convenient, and Green Option for Your Business

Outsource billing

If your company has previously dealt with statement processing and statement printing services, then you know how time consuming this can be for you and your customers. However, there is an alternative that many companies are beginning to embrace: using online billing services to create electronic invoices and receive payments from customers. No longer do businesses need to rely solely on statement printing and mailing services to bill customers and clients; today, the internet makes it easy to pay bills with the click of a button.

There are plenty of advantages to switching to electronic invoices in an electronic billing system for you and your customers. If you’re thinking of changing to a more modern billing process, here are some of the advantages you may encounter.

    1. Lower costs: By no longer having to spend as much money on statement printing, you won’t have to stock up on paper, toner, ink, and other printing supplies. You’ll also save money on these routine employee tasks and divert your company’s talent to other, more important responsibilities.

    2. More convenience: Your customers will enjoy being able to view and pay their bills online at any time. Not only does this cut down on time spent waiting for a paper statement, but you also won’t have to take credit card payments by phone, either. This frees up time for your employees rather than tying them up on the phone.

    3. Better environmentalism: In addition to money and manpower, think of what else you can save when you switch to electronic billing. You’ll save paper — and trees — with electronic invoices. Also, because you won’t be sending or receiving as much mail, you’ll save on postage. That change will also affect the amount of mail trucks driving around, which could help reduce air pollution.

Does your company not have the ability to run its own electronic billing system? No problem. There are plenty of companies that handle outsourced billing

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