Digital Marketing Tips for Downtown Flower Shops

Like many other industries, the Internet has profoundly reshaped the flower shop industry. These days, online marketing skills can prove every bit as vital for the aspiring florist as botany knowledge and design skill. Let’s take a look at some of the most important skills for folks managing or looking to start downtown flower shops.

First up, social media is vital for florists. You may be able to attract customers on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

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With that in mind, improving your photography skills can also drive sales. The floral industry is highly visual. Capturing great images may draw eyes. You can pay a professional photographer, of course, but that can get expensive.

Images aren’t everything, however. Search engines are also vital for online marketing. Downtown flower shops often face a lot of competition. Standing out on search engines can help you stand out online. Local listings are especially important for florists. It’s wise to set up a Google My Business account, and to make sure that your store hours, contact information, and other things are accurate. And as a florist, you may want to focus on your physical storefront. That said, don’t forget about your website.

As you can see, marketing for florists requires a holistic approach.


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