Combination Design with Compact Cooling Tower for Smaller Facilities

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Cooling tower systems are the workhorses of the industrial world, allowing power plants, oil refineries, manufacturing units and large buildings like hospitals to keep functioning by continuously removing the excess process heat produced by the operations. The cooling in a forced draft cooling tower occurs by constantly circulating water, which transfers excess heat to the atmosphere and prevents dangerous overheating.

As the size and use of industrial cooling towers has increased, the design was changed to recycle and reuse the water used for cooling. This has resulted in a tremendous reduction of water use, and conserves energy used in the cooling process.

A range of cooling tower types

Cooling towers come in a range of sizes and shapes, from small modular units that can be transported on a truck to the massive hyperbolic structures associated with power plants and nuclear plants.
In the largest cooling towers, pipes as wide as 15 feet across supply hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per minute. And in a small cooling tower, pipes like those used in residential construction are used to carry streams of a few gallons a minute.

Forced draft cooling towers comes in varying sizes and shapes. There are the small roof-tops units, the characteristic huge hyperboloid structures up to 660 feet in height with a diameter of 330 feet, and rectangular structures measuring up to 130 feet on height and 260 feet in length.

Compact cooling tower combination offers a double advantage

A innovative design partnered a compact cooling tower with a small-footprint heat exchanger to remove heat and stabilize temperatures. Such a customized combination could be used for smaller facilities like research and satellite units and pilot plants.

For this design, the compact heat exchanger works best in combination wth a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction compact cooling tower. Apart from the economical price of the compact cooling tower, the seamless construction of the factory-assembled tower means that minimal maintenance is required.

A high-quality compact cooling tower

A compact cooling tower built with high quality materials and with a simple design is impervious to corrosion due to the atmosphere and biological contaminants, and comes with a 20-year warranty. It is also very energy efficient. The modular compact cooling towers are suitable for smaller facilities, since they can be expanded as and when necessary.

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