Choosing the right cooling tower manufacturer

Evaporative cooling tower

Waste heat, sometimes referred to as secondary or low grade heat, needs a method of being released into the atmosphere. This is especially true in industrial situations in which extra heat, created as a by product, has no use. This happens because low temperature heat has very little capacity to do anything. As such it is labeled as waste heat and disposed of by being rejected in the atmosphere. Many companies use cooling towers to move waste heat into the environment.

If your business uses aeration tower systems, air strippers, closed loop cooling systems, or evaporative cooling towers, you should find out about some of the more modern cooling tower manufacturers that are making some pretty significant advances in this type of equipment. You might not know it, but some cooling tower manufacturers are making their cooling units from corrosion proof engineered plastic. That means that you can reach out to cooling tower manufacturers to get a cooling tower that will never flake, rust, peel, chip, or ever need painting or other protective types of coatings applied.

Many companies still use metal towers, which do not have the long term corrosion protection advantages for outdoor use. Even if a cooling tower manufacturer makes metal towers that are galvanized or other metal treatments, these practices only delay the corrosion of the underlying sheet metal, which is often very thin and flimsy.

If your company uses metal cooling towers, reach out to a cooling tower manufacturer that can provide corrosion proof engineered plastic replacement towers. Seamless plastic cooling towers with a one piece shell and a great warranty can last your business for man years, requiring very little maintenance. Read more about cooling tower manufacturers that provide plastic cooling towers today, and see how new seamless plastic replacement cooling towers can be used to upgrade your heat distribution equipment. Learn more.

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