Best way to mourn a loved one? Turn their ashes into jewelry

Ashes necklaces

For whatever reason — lower cost, more environmentally friendly — cremations are on the rise. According to the Cremation Association of America, there has been a 20 percent increase in cremations over the past decade. In 2009, there were more than 9,000 cremations performed in the U.S., and that number continues to grow.

One of the drawbacks with cremations is that loved ones left behind don’t have a physical reminder of the person such as a grave marker. They might keep ashes in urns in their home, but that can be impersonal, and it also can be impractical if there are many close relatives who each want something by which to remember the deceased.

An alternative can be jewelry made out of the deceased’s ashes, such as titanium cremation jewelry. There are many different types of cremation jewelry, including ash pendants, ash necklaces, and a cremation bracelet.

Cremation has been an accepted burial practice for thousands of years, although it has gone in and out of fashion in the Western world. Though cremation keepsakes and jewelry may seem like a recent fad, they actually have been around since as far back as the 16th century. Such jewelry was quite popular during the Victorian era, as mass production techniques made it more affordable for the average person.

These days, thanks to technology, there are a number of very high-high class ways to make titanium cremation jewelry as well as other types. Not only can you make such jewelry from the remains of cremated loved ones, but you also can do so with the remains of pets.

Titanium cremation jewelry and other types of cremation jewelry can make some of the best sympathy gifts for the relatives of a deceased loved one. However, some people may be put off by such a gift, because there can be a bit of an “ick” factor when people realize they are wearing human remains. For that reason, it’s probably a good idea to ask someone if its OK if you provide them with a piece of cremation jewelry.

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