Have You Recently Lost a Loved One?

Burial urn

Loss is always difficult. Whether it is an expected loss of a loved one who has been ill for an extended time or a sudden loss, finding a way to cope with the absence of a loved one can be a challenge. Although we can not fill the void of your loved one, funeral homes have many options for helping you remember those you have lost. From an ash cremation pendant or cremation bracelet, to biodegradable cremation urns, our company can provide you with products to honor those you have lost.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the national average for a memorial service, including viewing of the body and cremation, is about $3,100. While this cost may vary in different locations of the country, $3,000 is an estimate of what many people spend.

Did you know that Americans bury at least 1 million tons of steel caskets every year? Although this is a practice many have followed for decades, these steel caskets never breakdown or degrade. Natural burial in a biodegradable coffin, however, provides a “green” option that reduces carbon emissions by 50% when compared with traditional burials. According to the Natural Death Centre, this type of burial is better for the environment. Have you considered what kind of burial you or your loved ones would prefer?

Another option that eliminates the need for large steel caskets is cremation. Funeral homes offer urns in a variety of styles and sizes. While many people chose to remember their loved ones with cremation urns for ashes, others decide to additionally purchase keepsakes for ashes, like an ash cremation pendant. Memory jewelry is a subtle way to constantly remember someone who is no longer with you. Whether the cremation jewelry is given to a friend who has recently lost someone important, or whether you purchase this keepsake for yourself, it is a tasteful and reflective purchase.

Sometimes in life we have the opportunity to spend months, even years, with our friends and family members even after they have become ill with an incurable disease. Other times, those who are most important for us our taken so suddenly we have little time to prepare. In either case, spending time deciding how to remember your loved one is time well spent. Purchasing a wearing an ash cremation pendant will never replace the person you are missing. It just might, however, provide you a respectful way to grieve and cope.

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