4 Common Myths about Internet Marketing

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Marketing is important for any small business, and with today’s reliance on online technology, internet marketing is much more relevant than it was in the past. Things like SEO for small businesses are very important in promoting your online image, because about 83% of internet users utilize search engines and for many of these internet browsers this is the main way they locate new businesses. If you are interested in learning more about the basics of creative web design and other facts about internet marketing, keep reading to learn more about some common myths that surround the field of online web design.

Myth #1: I don’t need custom software development services for my company because we aren’t internet based. False!
Even if your company doesn’t sell a service or product that is directly related to the internet or web browsing, it is important that you make a strong impression on potential clients who may first encounter your brand online. If you are wondering what it means to have an online presence, you should talk to a professional about some web design tools that can really improve the way customers see your company. Every small business can benefit from things like SEO services and online search enhancement, so you should definitely consider the benefits it could have for your company to invest in a web design and hosting package.

Myth #2: My company doesn’t sell products to young people, so I don’t need to worry about missing out on the web browsing market. False!
It’s not only young people who use the interest to browse online. Actually about 75% of web browsers in the United States judge a company based on its website design, and this doesn’t only include people in the younger demographic. If you are interested in promoting your business in a positive way to the online market, you should definitely consider custom software development services, because a company that specializes in online marketing can boost your online presence and this can increase the number of customers that you reach every day.

Myth #3: I have invested in internet marketing for my company, but I don’t think it would be valuable for us to blog. False!
Blogging can be a valuable tool for small businesses and companies that blog have over 400% as many indexed pages as those that don’t, which means that their associated websites get more traffic and people are more likely to encounter their content online. You should definitely consider starting a blog for your small business because it can really help get the word out there if you are looking to make an impression with online clients.

Myth #4: Hiring a company that specializes in custom software development services is a good idea, but I just don’t think it’s worth the cost. False!
You can completely transform the number of customers and you can expand your customer base by creating a new online identity for your company. You should look into all the ways you can do this, but just some include SEO services — which increase your company’s standing in online search engines — as well as mobile web design, which can really give your business a boost with people who are browsing on their mobile phones to find a new product or service. You will almost certainly see a payoff if you invest in online marketing services, so be sure to talk to a professional to get some quotes. Reference links.

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