Why Stainless Steel Products Are Big Business

Stainless steel products are often regarded as being more high-end. When it comes to appliances, medical equipment and industrial items, stainless steel is always popular and prized, because usually it’s what everyone wants. But what makes stainless steel products so special? What is stainless steel, anyway?

Stainless Steel Grades, and What They Mean

What is stainless steel? To get technical, it’s an iron alloy containing at least 10.5% chromium. It’s because of the chromium that stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, and that’s one of the reasons that stainless is associated with more high-end and highly prized items. Because of its properties, stainless steel continues to look amazing and perform well for years and years.

However, within this basic definition, there are various stainless steel grades. The most common grade is 304. It’s used for all kinds of stainless steel products, including appliances and home goods. Stainless steel 316 is used for just about everything industrial, from lab equipment to jet engine parts to food and pharmaceutical processing equipment.

Another common grade, 660 stainless, is more commonly used in construction because it can withstand extremely high temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees F. This grade of stainless steel is made with nickel, a material that’s extremely prevalent in daily life. Nickel use is growing at a rapid rate of 4% every year. Stainless steel containing nickel is growing at an even faster rate, about 6%.

Why Everyone Loves Stainless Steel Products

Like the name implies, stainless steel products are very easy to clean. Because of that protective layer that’s a natural part of stainless steel composition, stains don’t easily set into this finish. Stainless also has a distinct look that’s immediately identifiable. And because it’s corrosion-resistant, it can be used in just about anything that needs to be built with lasting strength.

Manufacturers that can provide stainless products to customers are always desirable and in-demand, because these are the products that are used in all markets. Commercial, industrial and residential customers all know the value of stainless steel.

The Metal Seller’s Market

According to a March 2018 article from “Modern Metals Magazine,” the manufacturing industry is healthy. Prices are going up for nickel, stainless steel and many other types of metals. Now is a good time to make things, because right now people are buying. “Modern Metals” reported last October that military spending will drive growth in metals manufacturing and the production of steel and aluminum. It’s a seller’s market when it comes to metals in industry, military and other sectors.

Stainless steel products never go out of style, no matter how many trends in building and design tend to come and go. It’s well-known as a high-quality material and it’s used in every industry for a huge range of products. Industry trends show that now is a great time to take advantage of the popularity of stainless steel and the need for other metals. After all, when is it not a great time to get more business?

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