Why Donations of Clothing Help You, The Environment, and Others

If you are anything like me you have an abundance of clothing that you either never wear, wore once, or keep because, “I might need it in the future!” While it’s easy to put the issue aside, let’s face it, we really need to clean out our closets. A great way to do this is by giving donations of clothing to your local charity organizations! There may be clothing drop off points you can visit, or some organizations will even provide donation pick up! Charitable clothing donations are one fantastic way to clean out your closet, while feeling good about doing it.

Donations of Clothing and the Benefits

Only around 15 percent of American’s donate their gently used clothes. This number is shocking low when you consider all the benefits of donating what you no longer use. To put it into perspective, here are 3 advantages of clothing donations.

  • Help Yourself Get Organized. Clothes can quickly pile up, and every so often we have to admit that somethings need to go. While you may not want to give up all those tee shirts from college, or those jeans that you swear will eventually fit again, you’ll feel much better with a clean and organized closet. Sorting out your wardrobe also means an opportunity to completely reinvest in your style; now you have space for new chic pieces that you can feel great about. Additionally if you have children, donations of clothing can help you free up some space in their closets as well. Kids often outgrow their clothes within the year meaning more and more keep piling up. Of course you can keep a few nostalgic pieces from when they were newborns, but you can feel good about letting all those highwaters go.
  • Help the Environment. Landfills across the country get filled with an estimated 12 million tons of discarded clothing each year. Not only does all the material take up space which leads to a need for landfill expansion, but some clothing materials can take years, if not decades to decompose. Donating clothing is a way of recycling this material and keeping it out of the environment and out of overloaded landfills.
  • Helping Others. People from all walks of life head to charity run thrift stores to find low priced, gently worn clothing. Donations of clothing help everyone who may not be able to afford brand new items. As a broke college student I utilized thrift stores on a regular basis, and still around 50% of my wardrobe is from a thrift shop! Donating the clothing you no longer use means someone else can find enjoyment and use in it. Whether they are down on their luck, or just looking for funky affordable pieces, you can rest assured that someone will love that old Metallica tee shirt just as much as you did.


Donating your gently used clothing can help you free up space in your own home, while keeping the material out of landfills. You can also feel good about the fact that someone else will benefit from your generosity, and love the pieces you gave up.

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