Helping Families in Need When No One Else Does

Clothing drop off

Most people do some type of spring cleaning as the weather begins to get warmer. You can open all of the windows in your home and go to work with cleaning and organizing each room. The warm summer months are coming so you go through yours and all of your family member?s summer clothes, throwing out or donating the items that no longer fit. There is something about the excitement of the fresh warm weather and lack of snow that makes it somewhat fun cleaning and organizing. However, for this same reason, many people do not do any type of fall cleaning. Fall cleaning and organizing is just as important, and the clothing donations for fall and winter clothes are just as important.

About 43% (42.7%) of those surveyed gave more during the holidays than the rest of the year, 44.4% reported giving about the same. The holidays are a popular time for helping families in need, because the excitement of the holidays often brings our compassion and empathy. However, that short period between the end of summer and the beginning of winter does not receive very much in terms of a clothing donation. Many people may choose to give a charitable donation during the holidays that consists of money. Obviously money is a great way for helping families in need, but clothing is a great way to help even if you are short on money.

Americans recycle or donate only 15% of their used clothing. The rent usually either gets thrown away or sits in drawers or in the back of closets never to be worn again. When you donate clothes, you are not only freeing up storage space and decluttering your home, you are helping families in need. A clothing drop off center will even do most of the work for you. They will do all of the necessary sorting of your clothing drop off, choosing the clothing items that will provide benefit and will be useful in helping families in need. Also, clothing donators can receive tax incentives and tax breaks for simply donating the clothing items that they no longer wear. Remember, any charitable donation worth more than $250 (including donations of clothing and household items) will require a receipt to write off on your taxes. However, receipts are very simple to get. When you drop off your clothing items to your local charity, you will simply ask them for a tax write off sheet.

You might also be wondering which the best charities to donate to are. This really depends on who you want to help the most and which charity is in the most need for gently used clothing items. It is also helpful to donate your items to a charity that is registered. This ensures that your money and your donations are going to who they say they are. It also ensures that you receive the appropriate tax write off paper and that you are able to receive a tax break for your charity donation.

Many people see the need to help those in need during the holidays. The holidays are a giving time. Many people choose to donate their used clothing items prior to summer, during their spring cleaning. However, most people do not make an effort to donate between these seasons. Fall and winter items are always in need and waiting until the holidays could be too late. It is a great idea to go through your winter clothing items at the beginning of the year every year, donating the items that are no longer in style and no longer fit.

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