Why Digital Strategy Matters

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It is a given that all companies now need to ensure that they understand digital marketing and web design. While only a quarter of total marketing budgets were spent on digital in 2014, the figure is expected to rocket to 75% in the next five years and as much as $24 billion is being spent on online display advertising this year. Nearly 60% of marketers agree that online display ads are an effective marketing channel.

Of course navigating the world of digital, whether digital marketing or digital presence, has its own challenges. As much as 15% of digital marketers list ?meeting the expectations of the always-connected customer? as their number one challenge, with ?executing consistent campaigns that drive desired business outcomes? and the proliferation of channels across paid, owned and earned media following closely behind with 14% and 13% citing them as their foremost challenge. Email marketing is also an important part of any online marketing campaign that delivers the highest return on investment of any digital tactic, but despite this just 8% of businesses have an email marketing team.

This lack of planning is not unique to email marketing, though. Half of all companies surveyed said that while they are using digital marketing, they have no plan to set their strategy. Social media is increasingly important, with close to 80% of companies having a social media marketing team in 2015, representing a jump from just 67% in 2012. Despite this, though, more than 80% of customers have said that they have had a negative social media marketing experience sat some point.

Branding online is about more than just marketing, however, and can encompass website design and software development that can aid in jazzing up your presence online. A good website that is easy to navigate and meets consumers’ needs can play a significant role in persuading customers to buy and to remain loyal to your brand. Part of that is updating as even a two year old website can seem antiquated if it does not represent industry changes or meet customer needs. In addition, technological changes mean that older sites may not display properly in newer browsers or may not even be accessible at all. A comprehensive and well thought out digital presence and marketing strategy can make all the difference to the success of your business.

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