What You Should Know About Becoming An Orthodontist

This video is to inform viewers on orthodontists, how to become one, and what they do. An orthodontist is a form of specialty dentistry. Orthodontics focuses on patients having a nice smile, a functional bite, making sure the patient chews well, and that all patients have healthy jaws that are in a stable position. Many people, about 50-75% of people could benefit from orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontics also specializes in teeth alignments, like braces and Invisalign. Since abnormal bites usually become noticeable between the ages of 6 and 12, orthodontic treatment often begins between ages 8 and 14.

In order to become an orthodontist you must begin training in high school. Then you will need your bachelor’s in science before you can go on to dental school. Your undergraduate education should last four years and you can apply to dental school as early as one year before you graduate. In dental school, your education will primarily focus on basic science, medicine, and dentistry. In dental school, all forms of dentistry are covered to give students an idea of which kind of dentistry they would like to go into. Again, orthodontics focuses on teeth alignment, which is braces and Invisalign. Orthodontists express that it is a very rewarding field to go into!


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