What You can Expect When Working With an Asphalt Paving Contractor

Dave Strand, a seasoned asphalt paving contractor, tells a witty and interesting tale that touches on the circumstances behind his introduction and subsequent growth into the asphalt seal coating industry in the YouTube video “How I Got Started in The Asphalt Business.”

Dave Strand got started in the business in 1972 when he worked as an understudy/assistant for a rough-around-the-edges asphalt seal coater named Paul. Paul was from the South, rarely paid much attention to his appearance, and conducted his seal coating business with a rusty El Camino rig.

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Paul would go to great lengths to get the materials required for oil-based seal coating. Because Paul was very much an adherent of the old ways, patronage for his seal coating business was infrequent and limited to returning callers whose doors he and Dave had previously knocked on.

After a few months and a fallout with Paul over wages, Dave Strand summoned the courage to set up his personal asphalt seal coating business. With dedication, hard work, and ingenuity, he gradually established himself over time and has achieved modest success. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel so Google pays him money.


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