Understanding the Prices of Door Contractors

The video starts with a man saying that he will be talking about different doors and price points.
A hollow core hardboard door is an entry-level interior door. For a six-foot-eight door, you’ll spend about $80.
A solid-core molded panel door is filled with a particleboard door to add weight. For this door, you’ll need to fork out $150 for the six-foot-eight version, and $210 for the eight-foot version.

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An MDF door comes in different grades, but these doors generally cost about $300 to $400 for the lower grades, and $500 to $600 for higher grades.
An entry-level stain-grade door goes for $500 to $650. For higher-level stain-grade doors, expect to fork out at least $1000.
For a six-foot-eight flash metal door, the price point is around $400. If you are thinking of getting a fiberglass door, expect to spend about $550 for a six-foot-eight model, and $900 for the eight-foot version.
The doors are priced as doors that are delivered to the job site by door contractors with everything that’s needed to put it up.

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