What Types of CNC Tools Exist

Tool holders

Manufacturing has led the U.S. recovery since 2008, and machine tools are made close to those markets. What are these machine tools, exactly? Below are a brief overview of some tools, including CNC tool holders, end mill collets, and retention knobs.

CNC machines in general, like Er collets, offer increased flexibility and productivity. Often, they are used to shape metal or other rigid material with grinding, cutting, boring, and other functionalities. Tool holders help machines make precise cuts over and over again. Typically, the type of toolholder depends on the job it performs.

Retention knobs are a critical part of tool holders. These knobs help tool holders stay firmly in place, and let the CNC tool holder hold the tool. Often, they are much smaller than the tool holder itself.

Finally, a collet, like an ER collet, is a clamping system. Typically, these collets constrain a workpiece while it is being cut, bored or grounded. A type of collect casing, a collet chuck, consists of a tapered receiving sleeve for the machine spindle, the collet in the receiving sleeve, and a cap that screws over the collet, clamping it with another taper.

Many of these tools may seem like a mystery, but they do not need to be. Rather, they are important elements of the machining world. To learn more, research online about more CNC tools. Good references here.

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