What are Order Fulfillment Services?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has gotten accustomed to ordering something online. But do you know what goes into the process of ordering online? The entire process is called ” order fulfillment services“, and it’s more complicated than you might think.

It begins with the company receiving the order. Once the order is received, they store the inventory to ensure they know what is being bought, that the purchase can be made without them running out of inventory, and marking off the item as purchased.

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Then the order is processed, and the item is packaged for transport.

Once the order is packaged, the item can be shipped to the buyer’s chosen location. Shipping can be by boat, plane, train, or truck, sometimes all four if it is coming from far away. After shipping, it is finally delivered at the buyer’s location and marked as delivered by the person dropping it off. Once at the house, the company gets ready to process any returns that may be made from the buyer.

If this process is interrupted, it creates a bad experience for the customer and thus reflects negatively on the company. Keep this complex process in mind the next time your order something online.


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