Understanding Digital Marketing

As technology advances, so does the way we do things. With the rise of the internet, companies had to quickly embrace digital marketing as an important part of their companies. In this article, we are going to look at digital marketing as a whole.

Digital marketing, as the name suggests, is simply marketing your information digitally or online. To understand digital marketing you need to know that there are many different channels that you can use in this process.

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For example, search engines, email, and mobile devices are all different channels used in digital marketing.

These channels give the marketer the ability to have a better relationship with their customers, which ultimately builds trust. It also allows marketers to communicate more information easily.

If we dive even deeper, besides the different channels, there are also different forms of digital marketing. If a marketer created content in the form of blog posts or videos it is known as content marketing. If the focus is on keywords and optimizing websites to better perform in the search engine, it is known as search engine optimization. Social media marketing is the last form we will look at, and in this form of marketing companies will utilize social media platforms to post ads. An example of this is a company communicating through Instagram about their products.


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