Unconventional and Surprising Ways You Can Use Your Storage Unit

secure storage facility

secure storage facilityIn the United States, one out of every 10 citizens rents an offsite storage unit at any given time. However, not every American is using their storage unit as well as they could.

Of course, a secure storage facility is most often used to get rid of clutter or to store one’s furniture and personal items during a renovation. Yet there are also surprising and creative ways in which your self storage space can be used for a more unconventional purpose.

Haven’t thought about it before? The following are only a few uncommon but worthwhile uses a secure storage facility can provide.

  1. Use your storage unit as an art galleryYou know the struggle of finding a space to store your art all too well when you’re a fine artist. Canvases and art tools take up a lot of space, especially over time. In order to save on the space in your home and to keep the floors open, consider using storage units to host your artwork instead. Portable storage units are increasingly popular choices for artists looking to host pop up galleries.
  2. Keep your music equipment on handClimate controlled storage units may be great to hold onto your grandmother’s couch, but it’s also great to keep your music equipment on hand. This is especially true for drummers who often have to pack up their entire kit into the back of a van only to have to unpack it later and strategically place it back in their basement.
  3. Have emergency food and items readily availableWith hurricane season an unfortunate but annual occurrence, it makes sense to have a place to store emergency non-perishables. Storing them in your garage or living room only takes up space, and there’s only so much cupboard room in the kitchen. To keep yourself from the anxiety of shopping before a hurricane or tropical storm every year, simply use your secure storage facility to keep your items readily available. You’ll thank yourself later.

Storage units are one of the best places to store items you care about but don’t use often. But they can also be used for more unconventional purposes when you need the additional space. Just be sure to check with your storage facility first to ensure you aren’t breaking the terms of your agreement.

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