Trenchless Technology What It Can Do For You

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Things like sewer lines seem to be capable of sustaining themselves for years without issue. Indeed, Angie’s List recommends that your sewer line gets checked for damage only once it’s 40 years old. But just because your sewer line is durable doesn’t mean it won’t need repairs. And sewer line repairs can be difficult to tackle if you stick to traditional methods. Traditional sewer line repairs — and plumbing repairs in general — end up being messy and expensive. First, you spend money on the inspection that pins down the source of the problem; then you spend money on fixing that problem; and finally, you spend yet more money on fixing the damage caused by the original repairs. All of this is avoidable through a trenchless plumbing repair. A trenchless repair comes in many forms — from a sewer pipe repair to a drain repair — and it’s virtually guaranteed to be less of a mess than anything traditional methods can offer.

How A Cured In Place Pipe Can Prevent Damage

One of the options that trenchless technology offers is the cured in place pipe, or CIPP. A CIPP is jointless and seamless, a pipe within a pipe that can rehabilitate pipes ranging in diameter from four to 110 inches. A CIPP is a great way to repair damaged pipes, and like all methods of trenchless technology, doesn’t have the same harmful and noticeable side effects that come with traditional methods of plumbing repair. Typically however, sewer lines are about six inches or more in diameter. They should not be easily clogged, taking a lot more than paper or loose debris to clog them.

Tree Roots: Why They’re A Bigger Problem Than They Seem To Be

A major issue in plumbing repairs that can be solved by trenchless technology is the tree root. A tree should be located at least 10 feet away from a sewer line to prevent intrusion. However, over the course of decades anything can happen. As such, tree roots can easily invade a sewer line, and they often grow up to three times the width of the tree’s crown, causing major issues down the road. If you suspect that a tree root is at the heart of your plumbing problems, one aspect of trenchless technology involves using cameras to diagnose the issues at hand. These are minimally invasive and very effective.

Why Trenchless Technology Could Be For You

Ultimately, the beauty of trenchless technology is that it doesn’t have to disrupt your daily life the way that traditional sewer repair technology does. The repairs are done quickly and easily, and you won’t notice any harsh damage to your yard. This doesn’t just save you the money, but the time and stress that go into finding yet another repair company, this time to fix the damage that was done by the last one.

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