How Much Should Hydro Jetting Cost On Average?

Sewer line repairs

For those particularly stubborn toilet clogs, plumbers usually employ their trusty snake tool to break up the clog and get your system flowing again. But for clogged sewer lines, plumbers and sewer pipe repair contractors usually rely on more intensive solution — hydro jetting. That’s because the average sewer line is about six inches in diameter, and so it takes more than toilet paper to cause a system-stopping clog.

Contractors use hydro jetting to unclog or clear backed up or slow-draining sewer lines. They access your sewer lines and use a jet of high pressure water to clear any blockages, ensuring that the muck and debris clogging your system flows downstream to the main sewer system. Typically, hydro jetting equipment for cleaning pipes run on 3,500 to 4,000 PSI, although you’ll find industrial systems that can go as high as 60,000 PSI.

Remember, consumer advocate Angie Hicks (of Angie’s List) recommends getting sewer pipes inspected if your home is 40 years old or more. So if following a camera drain inspection you need to get a quote on hydro jetting costs for your upcoming sewer line repairs, then you might be wondering what a fair hydro jetting cost will actually look like.

There are a number of factors to consider, but on average, sewer pipe repairs and hydro jetting cost about $1,000. As with all types of contracting work, some companies and independent contractors will charge more or less. If you’re inquiring about hydro jetting costs for septic sewer line systems, then it’s possible that repair job will cost more (depending on the layout and accessibility of your septic system).

Plus, if tree roots have blocked up your sewer system, then hydro jetting costs will probably be increased accordingly. If you still aren’t sure if the hydro jetting cost you’ve been quoted is a fair price for fair work, then always be sure to shop around for various quotes to compare prices.

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