Tips for Conducting an Online Interview

Due to the improvements in technology and the emergence of COVID-19 all across the world, online interviews have become the new norm. Online interviews are conducted virtually through laptops and other electronic devices.

If your company is in need of new employees, it’s important to understand how the online hiring process works and its benefits. Then, look to the six tips provided to help you get started.

The Online Hiring Process

Companies and organizations have different hiring tools. These include job aggregators, testing and assessment tools, al and automation, applicant tracking systems, recruitment CRM, and video interviewing.

Employee hiring determines the quality of the organization’s success. Using the right technique when during the online hiring process leads to getting the right people for the job. The online hiring process requires following each of these steps.

  • Identify the gap in the organization in terms of employees.
  • Decide to hire externally or internally.
  • Write the job ad after establishing the position and its duties and requirements.
  • Advertise the job after approval.
  • Find the right source for posting the job openings.
  • Decide on the stages of hiring and the timeframe.
  • Use the company’s database to review resumes.
  • Shortlist the applicants.
  • Conduct virtual interviews after the screening process.
  • Conduct background checks and call references.
  • Pick the most qualified candidate.
  • Extend an official offer.

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Hiring Process

COVID-19 has affected entire organizations. Health care organizations are understaffed, essential offices have gone remote, and individuals have lost their jobs. The hiring process is only one aspect of business that has tremendously changed. Some of the adaptive measures caused by the onset of the virus are:

  • Adapting to social distancing procedures during the recruitment process.
  • Virtual recruiting through the video interviews
  • Virtual onboarding.

Benefits of the Online Hiring Process

Many benefits come from using the best hiring tools and following the best hiring processes and procedures. Your company will benefit from the online hiring process in the following ways.

  • Improved performance and increased profitability. This is because the business becomes more agile and proactive. The time and cost of hiring will also reduce.
  • You’ll attract high-quality candidates, and a faster process increases the chances of employees retaining their interest. This increases long-term success chances.
  • Improved productivity and reduced attrition, which empowers your HR team to make the new employees start with hard work leading to success.
  • Increased acceptance rates and faster recruitment processes, which make it easier to find the right employees for the jobs offered.
  • Saved costs and resources, which is the main benefit that comes with an effective hiring process. Resources won’t be used, and this leads to net profit for your business.

Benefits of Using Hiring Tools

The use of the correct hiring tools during the recruitment process possesses a great achievement for companies. Look to the following benefits of using hiring tools.

  • Improved efficiency and communication time. The channels of communication are highly advanced through the use of response emails.
  • Streamlined collection of data from candidates. Candidate data helps the HR team to have a wider scope of the candidates.
  • Better automation to the process. It gives a degree of automation allowing one to look at other important aspects, like shortlisting.
  • Improved sourcing strategies for the business.
  • 24-7 availability. Improved tools allows one to access it at any time, hence productivity improvement.
  • Creation of unique recruitment posts. Having an eye-catching post is essential for any recruitment process.
  • Allows one to find better candidates. The right tools help find exactly the right type of candidates for the job.

Tip #1: Ensure You Have Proper Equipment

Whether you are looking to hire tree experts for your landscaping business or a virtual Medicare insurance agent as a consultant for your nursing home facility, you first need to make sure you have the proper equipment to find candidates and conduct interviews during the online hiring process.

Having the right equipment during the online hiring process leads to a high degree of efficiency. Proper equipment speeds up the process leading to cutting on cost and time.
What types of equipment are used during the online hiring process?

  • Applicant tracking systems. This tool allows the recruiters to be able to create some specific communities basing on skills and location. This allows the HR team to easily communicate with the candidates.
  • Mobile recruiting tools. Mobile marks a certain significant shift in the way the candidates communicate. It is broken into four main characteristics: response codes, alert on text, mobile websites, and apps.
  • Location technology. This helps bring both the recruiter and the candidate closer for a common talent.
  • Internet sourcing. Internet sourcing is the right tool that guides the HR teams towards finding the right talent without spending too much money.

Tip #2: Be Prepared

Being prepared during the online hiring process is the most important tool for both the recruiter and the candidate. Timely preparedness leads to good and quality results saving on cost and resources. You may be a recruiter with a busy work and personal life. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a divorce. If you don’t know what to expect during divorce mediation, find out. You don’t want to keep a candidate waiting on a virtual interview screen.

A recruiter should be prepared in the following ways.

  • Pick a professional outfit, as first impressions have a great impact on anyone.
  • Practice a warm greeting. It can feel awkward for the candidate to express themselves on the screen, so help make them feel comfortable.
  • Have the candidate’s resume, cover letter, and references handy.
  • Ask important questions.
  • Be on time.

Tip #3: Discuss How the Pandemic Has Changed Your Business

How has the pandemic changed your business? Since the onset of the COVID-19 rules and regulations, businesses have had to adjust and change the ways they operate. Consumer behaviors have also changed.

As you go through the online hiring process and conduct interviews, be sure to discuss how the pandemic has specifically impacted your business and how the business has been making safety a priority. You may discuss virtual work and methods used, safety precautions in place, health plans, insurance, COVID-19 medical leave, door-to-door services, online commerce, work benefits, and more.

Tip #4: Provide Time for Q&A

It’s important to designate time for Q&A during the interview. You want the candidate to ask as many questions as they want during their interview slot so they can gain all of the necessary knowledge they need about your business. This can also be the time you can use to ask some more circumstantial questions about the job.

The candidate may ask about the company’s current trends, missions, and top management. They may have a list of questions to ask. They may want you to identify the organization’s wants and needs and current issues the company is facing. Be prepared to answer all questions the candidate has about the company and about the company’s responses to COVID-19.

As the interviewer, you can ask more specialized questions about the job to attain knowledge the candidate has. For example, if you’re recruiting candidates for an orthodontist office, you may need to ask some specific questions about the field. What does the candidate know about TMJ treatment? Are they aware of statistics within the field, such as how often teens obtain braces? Asking bigger questions will allow you to see what the candidate knows about their chosen industry.

Tip #5: Remain Professional

Remaining professional during the online hiring process and during interviews is important for interviewees, especially when technology can be frazzling and frustrating to deal with. You’re also representing the company the candidate seeks to work for, so keep that in mind as well.

How can you remain professional while conducting interviews? First, keep in mind forms of nonverbal communication. Make sure you are also well-groomed according to the company’s needs. Bea good listener, avoid interrupting the candidate, and be ready to answer any and all questions about the company and its values.

Even in companies that present a relaxed atmosphere, such as a company that offers bobcat rentals or a small grocery store, it’s important to conduct a professional interview so the candidate understands that their work will be taken seriously if they get the job.

Tip #6: Have a Back-Up Plan

It’s also important to have a back-up plan in case technology fails you during a video interview or while you are looking through the candidates’ files. Be sure to back up resumes, cover letters, and reference notes to another source so you can reach them even if your personal work computer or laptop breaks down or dies unexpectantly.

If you have recently obtained vision therapy or another type of eye care procedure, be sure to bring your glasses and contacts with you to work. You don’t want to be without glasses and not be able to see when you need to read off questions and write down notes during an interview. If you were to sustain an injury, and you’re not sure how to treat an infected scrape or a sprained ankle in a short amount of time, be sure you have a back-up interviewer if you suddenly can’t make it anymore.

Having a back-up plan shows that you are a prepared and responsible worker, and candidates will notice these qualities and think highly of the company or business you are recruiting for.

The pandemic has changed the way companies and businesses conduct business, and it’s surely changed the hiring process, too. Utilize these online hiring process tips as you recruit new employees virtually, and be sure you remain professional and prepared along the way.

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