Three of the Most Common Injuries People Get When Trying to Open Packages


Blister packaging is supposed to be easy to open, but if you’ve ever encountered any clamshell blister packaging designs — one of the toughest types of blister packaging — then you know that opening a simple package can be sometimes be a pretty difficult task.

In fact, opening these plastic blister packaging designs can be so arduous that people often hurt themselves. Here are a few of the most common injuries people suffer when trying to open tough packages.

Their Hands.

According to a survey in Yours magazine, 71% of people had gotten hurt opening blister packaging, bottle packaging, and other types of packaging. The most common injury these survey respondents received was a cut finger, followed by a cut hand. Oftentimes, blister packaging’s plastic can be so thick that it’s seemingly impervious to the sharpest of all tools. So when a consumer puts too much effort behind one of these tools, they slip and cut their hand.

Their Teeth.

Many people often try to open difficult packaging with their teeth, which can consequentially cause a shocking amount of damage to their chompers. Teeth, after all, are only meant to help us eat, speak properly, and look good when we smile. They’re not meant to rip a price tag off, cut a piece of tape, or open your package. In fact, using teeth as a tool can actually cause them to crack.

Their Shoulders.

The Yours Magazine survey also found that one of the common types of injuries people receive when they try to force tough packaging to open is a strained shoulder. All that pushing, pulling, ripping, tearing, and general labor can put a great strain on the body, after all, creating situations in which it’s very easy to pull or strain a muscle.

If there’s one thing to take away from this brief list, it’s this: be careful. Though opening a package might seem like a simple enough task, it can actually cause some pretty painful injuries.

If you have any tips on how to open packages easier, feel free to share in the comments.

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