The Top Three Qualities to Look For When Hiring in Sales

Sales career

A lot goes into having a career in sales recruitment firms. After all, not just anyone is cut out for a career in sales; when you pick candidates for sales jobs, you need to be sure they have what it takes. Here are three key qualities to look out for in would be sales persons:

1. Confidence

Ultimately, a sales person is trying to get the customer to believe that a product is not only worth buying, but is more worth buying than the product of competitors. How can one expect to instill that sort of confidence in someone else if they do not already have that confidence themselves? A sales person needs to be confident not only in the quality of the product, but also in their ability to convince people. Just having that confidence, even if it is misplaced, can do wonders for a sales person’s performance.

2. Communication Skills

When all is said and done, a sales rep’s job essentially boils down to talking and writing to different people day after day. With that said, it is exceedingly important for a sales rep to have strong communication skills in both those regards. Not only will it help the rep get the point across clearly, it will also improve how others view him, calling back to the issue of confidence.

3. Persistence

One of the last and most important skills to look for in sales candidates is patience. A shocking twenty percent of sales leads are never actually followed up on or, sometimes, even looked into. Perseverance here can make all the difference. Every lead that goes unconsidered could very well be a sale waiting to happen. That twenty percent could mean a twenty percent increase in sales! What qualities seem most important to you? Good references here.

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