The Three Surprising Benefits of Telecommuting

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Have you ever wanted to telecommute? The allure of a virtual office for workers is obvious. It is a kind of unique office with freedom from dress codes and no commuting as big perks. There is some curiosity about a virtual office setup and viability. Will workers still be productive working from home?

1. How Productivity is Effected

In a study published in the Harvard Business review, the Chinese travel company Ctrip found that its telecommuting employees had a higher productivity rate than their traditional desk-bound coworkers. Those working from home took 13.5% more calls, the equivalent of an extra day of work.

Some statistics indicate that 80% of employees feel telecommuting is a favorable option. Maybe it is preferred because the employee has more control over their schedule. The American Management Association found that absences from work went down 63% for companies that offered a telecommuting option to workers.

2. No Commuting Required

Did you know that 14% of American workers have switched jobs because they wanted a shorter commute? There are studies linking extraneous time in a car to lowered health. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a report linking longer commutes with an increased likelihood of anxiety and depression. So the driving is not only time consuming, it also could be hurting you.

The unique office solution of allowing employees to telecommute is benefitting some companies. For example, Sun Microsystems collected data that revealed 60% of a worker’s former commute time was instead spent on work when they were allowed to do their work from home.

3. Cost Savings

Perhaps surprisingly, 6 out of 10 employers who have it as an option for their workers say telecommuting saves them money. For one, they need less office space. It has also been found that attrition has been reduced for 46% of businesses that offer employees the option to telecommute. Exploring different office solutions can be beneficial.

Unique office options can give perks to the employee and the employer. What do you think about telecommuting? Can it work? Let us know in the comments below.

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