The Perfect Sympathy Gift

Keepsakes for ashes

Finding the best way to memorialize your loved one is very important. It needs to be something that can portray who they were to you in their lifetime. Ash cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to keep your loved one close to your heart. Basically, what ash cremation jewelry is, is almost like an urn but fashioned into jewelry. You choose what pendant, bracelet, etc that you would like and place a few of the ashes into the accessory to always remember every time you wear it.

Keepsakes for ashes are a big choice so there are a few pieces of jewelry that you can decide on.

First of all is the cremation necklace. This can be made of several different kinds of metal, including gold, silver, copper, bronze, even pearl. After you have decided on the material of the necklace, you can choose a pendant to best capture who the person was to you. Maybe their favorite animal was the dolphin so you could choose a dolphin pendant to place the ashes inside of.

You could also decide to buy a cremation bracelet which can come as the roped kind with a pendant or you could also get a charm bracelet or a gold, silver or precious metal bracelet wih a pendant, much like the necklace. Even bangles are available.

Earrings, rings and anklets are all also available. One even nicer way to memorialize your love one is to have the pendant come with a picture frame so that you can insert a small picture of your lost loved one into the jewelry with the ashes.

Generally speaking, most ash cremation jewelry companies will have you order what you want and then send it to you with instructions on how to insert the ashses yourself. However, if you are uncomfortable or unsure you can take the jewelry and the ashes to a store front and they will help you assemble it together.

Cremation keepsakes are not just for humans either. Perhaps you had a beloved pet that passed away and you cremated, their ashes can also be put in a pendant for you to wear lovingly. Many times, pets become as much a part of the family as any other member and their passing can be extremely difficult.

These beautiful pieces of sympathetic jewelry are also very thoughtful and unique sympathy gifts for a friend struggling with the loss. We know our loved ones are always with us and watching over us and sometimes a little necklace or bracelet is just the thing to remind us that we are not alone and never will be even if they are gone from this life.

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