The Golden State Is Ripe For Entrepreneurship Why Shasta County Is Leading The Pack For Businessowners

Thinking of relocating your business? You’ll want to sit down for this.

Your brand is important to you. It’s what you build your livelihood on and fill the dinner table with. It’s who you are, down to the last marketing detail and minute tweaks you make to your approach week after week. When you need to shift your business from one place to another, it’s easy to view the entire process as an upheaval. How do you make sure you’re not just choosing the best location for foot traffic, but the right skilled laborforce to keep your standards as high as they are?

Entrepreneurial development is far from easy…but it also isn’t as complicated as you might be making it out to be. Here’s what you should know.

California remains one of the most popular states in the country for a reason. It’s a businessowner’s dream, offering several leading industries and a diverse workforce that only gets more dynamic by the day. When you’re not hearing about how well the wine industry is doing or how coveted its many major cities are, you’re hearing a lot of good news about starting a business. If you need a place to start, Shasta County business news has more than enough to whet your appetite. Small without being tiny, boasting a skilled laborforce that still specializes, it’s a beautiful place with a lot of potential.

Let’s paint a picture before we get to selling. Shasta County is one of the original counties of California, created back in the mid 1800’s at the time of its statehood and remaining unique compared to more mainstream locations like Los Angeles and Sacramento. Located at the northern end of the Sacramento Valley, Shasta County sits at an equal distance between San Diego and Seattle on the Interstate 5. The three cities within the county are Redding, Anderson, and The City Of Shasta Lake.

How does this bode in your attempts to find a skilled laborforce in the area to staff your business? According to studies provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2017 population estimate for Shasta County alone was nearly 180,000 residents. Between 2000 and 2014 the population of Shasta County grew by nearly 10%, though due to the expansive land the population density is actually five times lower than the entire state. This is great for those that want a place that’s both pretty to look at while not quite being out in the country. Low employee turnover and a strong connection to the area is key to getting the most out of your venture.

Let’s keep going. Shasta County has a median property value of $222,000, with the homeownership rate sitting at a nice 60%. The economy of the county employs over 70,000 people, maintaining one of the strongest employment rates in agriculture, forestry, recreation, healthcare, and entertainment. You can also find some steady figures in food services, finance, and technology. You name it, there’s a skilled laborforce ever at work to provide the very best in quality.

Growing industries in Redding and the labor pool in Anderson are waiting for your unique perspective. Not only do you have a strong interconnected community eager to see what you have to offer, your employees also have a gorgeous living situation to look forward to. Employees in Shasta County have a shorter commute time than normal and some of the most agreeable weather yet seen in the Golden State. A skilled laborforce needs more than just a visionary. They need an environment that embraces every facet of their life from the ground up.

What business incentives could you bring to the table?

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