The Benefits Of Implementing Single Phase Motors

Farming is an industry that is crucial not only to the economic success of the United States, but to the survival of its people. After all, we would not have access to the food that we do if not for the farming industry. From meat and dairy to vegetable and fruit crops, farming is essential to the foundation and survival of many aspects of the United States.

For instance, there are more farms in the United States than many of us are aware of. Across the United states there are more than two million farms, both family owned and those that are owned by larger businesses and corporations. In one year, nearly three billion metric tons of grain are produced as well as more than two hundred billion pounds of milk. These rates of production are both important to fill the demand of the people who consume them as well as to bolster the economy. In just one calendar year, agricultural exports throughout the United States total as much as one hundred and forty billion dollars, an almost unfathomable amount of money.

Powering the farming industry is subsequently of huge importance, be it with a single-phase motor for farm work or three-phase power. However, it is important to keep in the mind the environmental impact of how we choose to power the farm work that is so essential to our country’s survival. Farm equipment that is operate by diesel or even natural gas is now considered to be outdated by the standards of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) which released the NSPS (new source performance standards). These new source performance standards are derived from the Clean Air Act that is in the process of being put into motion throughout the United States. The Clean Air Act has changed the way that many farms run, as equipment operated with diesel or natural gas fuel is no longer up to standards and must be replaced.

Fortunately, a single-phase motor is one of the motors for farm work that can provide all of the power of a diesel operated motor with a considerably lessened environmental footprint. In fact, a single-phase electric motor can eliminate all, if not most, of any harmful emissions at an irrigation site on any farm in the United States. The reduction of these emissions benefits our environment as well as the quality of the food that we eat and can be obtained through the implementation of a single-phase motor throughout all farms across the United States.

Farm work is crucial to the United States, it is true, but farm work does not need to harm the environment. With the implementation of the Clean Air Act in the United States, motors that run off of diesel or natural gases are being switched out for a single-phase motor or other choice of useful motors for farms. This marks a shift in our country to a more environmentally friendly future but still protects the overall success and prosperity of the agricultural industry throughout all fifty states.

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