Taking A Look At The Importance Of The Transportation Industry In The Country Of Canada

From reverse logistics to commercial logistics, the transportation industry of Canada, as well as many transportation industries all around the world, are in need of newer software now than ever before. Reverse logistics represents just one of many things that must be calculated and kept track of and along with reverse logistics, trucking companies and transportation companies in all parts of Canada must stay on top of the warehousing and distribution services that they provide as well as utilize.

After all, anyone who knows reverse logistics and the transportation industry knows that the world of trucking is absolutely essential to Canada, providing a facilitator for trade between Canada and it’s neighbor, the United States. In fact, the vast majority of trade between Canada and the United States – up to two thirds of it, in fact – will occur via truck, and the same is true from the United States back into Canada, which occurs in up to eighty percent of all trade deals made between the two countries.

And, of course, anyone who works with reverse logistics knows that moving goods throughout Canada itself is a critical part of the world of trucking, and certainly not an aspect of it that should be overlooked or forgotten in any way, shape, or form. After all, the vast majority of products in Canada are shipped with the use of a heavy haul truck – as many as ninety percent of them. These products also include food stuffs, which has certainly increased the prevalence, prominence, and, of course, importance of the typical food warehouse that has been set up on Canadian soil.

And because the industry of transportation and the use of reverse logistics and the like have become so prevalent in trucking companies all throughout the country, there has been an incredible number of jobs created in the field of transportation all throughout the country. As of recently gathered statistics, there are now more than four hundred thousand employees in just this one field alone. In the years that are to come, this number is only anticipated to grow and grow, especially since more than two hundred and fifty thousand of these employees are actually drivers. And as trade with the United States holds firm, more drivers will be needed now than ever before.

Of course, this has brought in a great deal of revenue for the industry of trucking as well, bringing it up to its current worth of sixty five billion dollars in the country of Canada alone. As the trucking industry and the industry of transportation as a whole gain more yearly revenue and climb in market value, we are likely to see the amount of money that goes back into the country of Canada itself increase as well. This financial success is also likely to provide a great deal of job security for the people who work in the industry of transportation as well.

But what is behind all of this growth and success? In many cases, it can be attributed to online shopping and the growth of the ecommerce world, which now has an estimated worth that exceeds four hundred billion dollars and is only continuing to grow and to climb at a truly exponential rate. Ecommerce has changed the way that the world works in many different ways. For one, it has brought new convenience to the world, allowing people to access products in a way that is more simple now than it has ever been before.

It has also increased the need for the systems of transportation in many different countries to move goods from one part of the country to the next – and even to outside of the country as well. And from systems of reverse logistics to warehousing for food storage, there are many ways that the transportation industry not only of the country of Canada but of many other places in the world like in the United States have needed to adapt and to grow in order to meet these needs. But there is no doubt about it that transportation is an incredibly important industry.

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