Taking A Look At The Continued Relevancy Of Direct Mail Marketing

As any printing company knows, the use of paper is still highly important here in the United States, even if it is also true that we have switched over to digital mediums in many different aspects of our lives, from out cell phones to our e-readers to our laptop computers. And as just about any printing company in Tampa or printing company in any other part of the country can attest to, the direct mail marketing campaign is, contrary to popular opinion, holding strong.

It’s easy to see why many people assume that everything from the average printing company to direct mail marketing campaigns have become obsolete. After all, the world is so focused on the growth of technology that it seems easy to put the dots together and see that the printing company is no longer necessary, what with the use of online advertising. And while it is now true that up to half of the typical advertising and marketing budget is spent on online platforms of advertisement, from social media advertising to the creation of SEO content, the old standby ion direct mail strategies are still very important. To put it simply, people still prefer them more to the new variety and slew of online advertisements and advertising strategies that seem to have taken over in recent years.

The data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up this claim, showing that more than ninety percent of all consumers and potential customers (ninety two percent, to be more exact) say that they greatly prefer direct mail from a printing company than online advertisements when it comes time to finally make the purchase that they intend to make with more than sixty five percent of people more likely to actually make a purchase if they are able to carry around a physical copy of the advertisement. And so the reasoning behind this is simple: when you have a direct mail advertisement, you can take it with you to the store. Online advertisements are a lot more nebulous and it is for this reason that up to ninety percent of survey respondents find direct mail campaigns to be considerably more reliable than other types of marketing campaigns currently out there.

Does this mean that online advertisements are not worth the effort to create? No, not at all. With so many people using the internet nowadays – billions upon billions all around the world and not just here in the United States – it only makes sense to begin some advertising and marketing strategies on various online platforms. Website development, for instance, is particularly important, as it allows information about the company or brand to reach more people than ever before. A high quality website that is frequently updated with blog posts and other information is likely to be very successful at bringing in new customers, particularly if it is a website that is easy to navigate and fast to load.

However, it’s hugely important to remember that the role of the printing company and direct mail marketing campaign is far from obsolete, and it is only through a combination of these various types of advertising that we are likely to see true success for any one marketing or advertising campaign, no matter what company is being advertised for. In fact, traditional direct mail marketing campaigns that operate through a printing company can easily go hand in hand with online advertising strategies, combining the best of both worlds.

In fact, this is already beginning to happen, as many direct mail advertisements that have been printed at any given printing company include websites and online links to follow up with. Not only does this give the consumer and potential customer a hard copy of the advertisement, but it gives them a pathway to learn new and exciting information about the company as well. It also gives them the chance to discover other deals that they might be interested in too.

All in all, direct mail marketing campaigns are just as popular as ever, if not even more so, in the wake of the age of technology and connection here in America.

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