Staffing Agencies Can Help You Hire the Best Employees!

Staffing solution

The American Staffing Association conducted a recent study showing that 75 percent of all staffing firm customers believe that the quality of the workers they get from temp staffing agencies is as good as, or better than, their own full time employees. Workers who come through a job staffing agency tend to be highly motivated individuals with a great deal of initiative. Oftentimes, a company that hires temporary workers through a job staffing agency will turn around and hire those workers full time when their contracts are up.

41 percent of Canadian business executives report that finding skilled professionals today is either somewhat or very challenging. A job staffing agency can be extremely helpful in this endeavor because headhunters who work at a job staffing agency have a great deal of experience placing candidates in roles in which they excel. A job staffing agency is highly effective at vetting candidates by various means, including checking references, conducting background checks, and proctoring exams on relevant software programs and other job related skills.

A good job staffing agency or temp agency offers far more, however, than just quality staffing solutions. A job staffing agency deals with all legal aspects of the hiring process and can also provide compliance assistance to customers. While vetting prospective temps, a job staffing agency will handle all of their legal responsibilities. They will also be able to advise you of yours.

When you spend time on areas other than your core business focus, it often a waste of resources. Working with a temporary staffing agency to find employees is often a great way to minimize this waste of time and energy. When you work with a good job staffing agency, you know that the quality of new hires will be high, and that the minutia associated with bringing on a new employee will be off your plate.

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