Quoting Junk Removal at a Hoarders House

If you’re in the junk removal business, you’ve probably taken on some big jobs. However, there is likely nothing more intense than clearing a hoarder house. Here are some tips for bidding on such a large junk removal job.

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Due to the nature of a hoarder situation, it can be tough to know just how much work it’s going to take. After all, there is a lot of unseen junk that is buried. However, try to gauge how many truckloads it will take to clear the house. Based on that, you can begin to come to an estimate for a quote.

You’ll also want to ask what the client wants to keep. When it comes to a hoarder situation, family members and loved ones are often the ones taking the leap to help someone clear out all the junk. These people may still want to keep a few select things, so you will also have to take this into account when forming a quote.

Clearing a hoarder’s house may be one of the most difficult jobs in the business. Not only can the work be downright sickening, but it can also be difficult to give a client an accurate quote. Hopefully now you will have a better idea of how to move forward with a client who needs a hoarder’s house cleared of junk.

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