Properly Disposing of Important Documents During a Move

Paper shredding

You are moving and you are spending the weekend going through all of your belongings. You want to throw out any unneeded items, saving you the trouble of moving them all to your new home. You will find that one of the biggest jobs is going through past paperwork and documents, especially if you have been at your current location for many years. You will come across years and years of cards, school documents, work documents, W2s, contracts, appliance warranties, and even letters. It is likely that you will throw a lot of these documents out, as you no longer need them.

However, too many homeowners simply throw out these important documents. If someone were to steal the trash or find the thrown out documents, they could easily paint a picture of the family. They would have access to all of their personal items, previous earnings statements, college and other school information, passwords and bank documents, and home appliance contracts. All of this information in the wrong hands can lead to an easy case of identity theft. Trusted shredding services should be used for all personal information, especially when large amounts of it are being disposed of.

To prevent the need for a professional document shredding service, homeowners can and should shred all of their documents when they are finished with them. Too many homeowners keep multiple pieces of documents that they really have no further use for anymore. There are time limits on all pieces of documents, on how long they are actually needed for. For example, keep pay stubs for one year and be sure to match them to your W2 form, before you shred them. You can shred your credit card statements after 45 days. Following these tips prevents the amount of paperwork needing trusted shredding services over a long period of time.

There are actually many benefits of shredding documents, in addition to the safety of you and your family. Shredding paper documents provides an easier source of recycling. If you have multiple documents, you are doing a lot of good for the environment. For every ton of paper shredded, 17 trees are saved, 16000 litres of water are saved, 4.2 MWh of electricity is saved, 2.42 cubic meters of landfill space is saved. You will be providing help to the environment, while also protecting you and your family?s identities.

Some people may even run businesses out of their homes. Some may be self employed, using their homes as their primary working address. Running a business out of your own home requires that you find an effective way to protect your customer?s information. This may be more difficult in this type of a setting, but is just as important as a physical business setting. A document destruction company can provide professional and trusted shredding services for both personal and corporate shredding service needs.

Document shredding companies provide trusted shredding services, leaving the worry out of disposing of important paperwork. They can also be used during tax season, the closing or purchase of a new business, or after the sale or purchase of a new home. All of these events require the transmittal of important and confidential information. The transfer of the information is important, but it is crucial that it be disposed of after it is used.

Many people find piles and piles of unwanted documents when moving. They may be tempted to simply throw these items out, however, that can be a mistake. This is the easiest way for someone to steal your identity, because you are giving them all of the information that they might need. Trusted shredding services can be helpful in properly disposing of these important documents. Shredding services are also beneficial for business and those who are self employed and have access to many important customer documents and information.

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