Preparing for Your Fire Alarm Installation Service

Fire alarm installation

You have carefully designed your commercial building. You have spent hours and hours changing window and door designs for the best overall feel. You have chosen paint colors that will complement the products and services within your business. You are ready to open for business, almost. Perhaps one of the most important design parts of your commercial building is in the safety features. At some point during the build, you will have to meet with a fire protection company to plan out your fire systems. Keep the following safety precautions in mind as your prepare for your fire alarm installations service.

Always go with a reputable fire protection company

As a business owner, you are probably very frugal with your costs. Some degree of frugality is necessary to build a business brand. However, there are some areas that you do not want to skimp on. These are areas that could potentially cost you much more, in the long run. Fire protection is a design that should not be skimped on. If you were to experience a fire, you could potentially lose your entire business, as well as additional funds. Every year, hotel and motel fires result in $76 million in property loss.

Choose a reputable fire protection company that is up to date on required fire prevention services. It could also be beneficial to choose a fire protection company that specializes in commercial fire protection services. Although fire alarm installations are similar in residential and commercial settings, commercial buildings usually have added city safety requirements. A fire protection company that specializes in commercial buildings can give you better instruction.

Understand basic city and state requirements

Specific cities and states often set minimum safety requirements, including fire protection services. These regulations vary, depending on the specific state and city you are in. For example, for U.S. based small data centers, those below 2,500 square feet, the Early Warning Fire Detection (EWFD) system is required. Because multiple technological devices in one room can increase fire damages, the U.S. requires that employees are notified earlier. Your fire alarm design will depend on these specific rules.

The specific fire protection company that you use is likely to be aware of these city and state regulations. However, it is still a good idea to understand the basics. That way, you can have an idea of the fire alarm design you will use. Understanding the basics means knowing how many sprinklers are required, how many alarms need to be installed based on the square footage, and any special fire alarm requirements that are based on the type of commercial building. Fire alarm installations will be much easier if you already have an idea of the design.

Consider extra protection in high risk areas

Some commercial areas are more prone to fire, such as commercial kitchens, data storage centers, and furnace rooms. Consider an added layer of fire protection in these areas. These are the areas that the fire is more likely to start. Installing sprinklers in these areas can reduce the size of the fire, as well as notify inhabitants of the building of the fire, much quicker. Create your fire alarm design around these specific areas for the most benefit. Consider fire alarm installations that even exceed minimum city and state requirements.

Keep up with regular fire alarm repairs

When successfully installed, fire alarms and sprinkler systems can significantly reduce the damages caused by a fire. However, lack of maintenance caused 44% of dry or possibly wet chemical system failures from 2006 to 2010. Your fire alarm design is pointless, if you do not keep up with it. Keeping up with it requires regular inspections, fire alarm tests, and immediate fire alarm repairs. Fire alarm systems often sit for many years, without ever being used. After a long period of time, they may not work as efficiently.

Fire alarm services are just one of the many design choices you will make in your commercial building. As you schedule your fire alarm installation service, keep fire protection in mind. Consider increased fire protection, over what the city requires. Schedule regular fire maintenance and repairs. Keep safety and fire protection in mind during the entire design process.

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