Partnership Between KellyOCG and Elevate Direct Will Improve Independent Contractor Solutions

Contingent workforce solutions

KellyOCG, the outsourcing and consulting branch of recruitment firm Kelly Services, announced today (9/22) that it’s expanding its talent supply chain in an effort to keep pace with the changing business environments. As such they have formed a partnership with the online Freelancer Management System (FMS), Elevate Direct, according to financial news provider The London-based independent contractor solutions managed service provider is the company’s first such partner from the United Kingdoms. Jim Bradley, senior vice president of KellyOCG, saw it as an opportunity to get to the forefront of the independent contractor solutions industry.

“The challenge for companies in recruiting top talent, is determining the best places to recruit and attract talent,” said Jim Bradley, senior vice president of KellyOCG. “If a significant percentage of the talent is in the contingent workforce space, organisations need an efficient way to reach that talent and online talent communities fit this niche.”

Elevate Direct is an online platform for contingent workforce solutions which include ways for contractors, freelancers, and businesses to find the right talent for specific jobs. Approximately 40% of the American workforce are contingent workers, according to a report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. About 66% of workers from independent contractor solutions work in a full-time capacity.

Dan Collier, chief executive officer of Elevate Direct, also saw the marriage as a great opportunity for both parties.

“Whether an organisation is hiring full-time or contingent staff, Elevate’s technology combined with KellyOCG’s offerings of labor market insights, workforce analytics, and supply chain management aims to provide businesses with a holistic view of their workforce,” Collier said, “As well as the necessary tools to manage talent resulting in valuable time and cost savings.”

Today, over 90% of firms use some sort procurement solutions to find freelance or contracted talent. Essentially, this will provide KellyOCG’s clients with a more expansive and broad recruiting pool to select from for their specific business needs.

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