Learn How to Invest in Real Estate by Following These Simple Tips

This video is intended to be a real estate tutorial where Graham can cover all the basics. He intends to give the viewer a blueprint for what is needed to invest in real estate. This step-by-step process for Dallas home investing is simple to follow.

This video intends to purchase real estate as an investment.

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You buy property to have a tenant paying the mortgage and hopefully some additional profit.

Step 1 – Build your credit score. This determines your interest rate.

Step 2 – Save money. You need to have money for a down payment on real estate.

Step 3 – Proof of Income. You will need to provide proof that you have a consistent income.

Step 4 – Get Pre-Qualified for a loan. This helps to avoid disappointment.

Step 5 – Do Research and look at all the possibilities.

Step 6 – Make an offer. Have patience and make an offer in the right place.

Step 7 – Do Inspections.

Step 8 – Close the deal.

Step 9 – Do those renovations that are needed.

Step 10 – Find a tenant.

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