Is Coffee the Next Health Drink?

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People all over the world drink 500 billion cups of coffee annually, Business Insider reports. For many, a cup (or three) of coffee in the morning is a daily ritual. Health and fitness experts warned coffee drinkers not to indulge too much — until now.

Coffee May Actually Improve Your Health

New studies clear the air, not only suggesting that coffee is not bad for you — but that it may actually improve regular drinkers’ health. Business Insider discusses the highlights of a new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine: “The researchers found a small but significant inverse association between coffee drinking and mortality. In other words: The more coffee people drank, the likelier they were to still be alive when the study ended.” The findings do not necessarily indicate a direct relationship, researchers add. Coffee is simply associated with decreased mortality; it may not be the only influence or cause. Business Insider adds that women were more likely to see the benefits of drinking coffee than men.

The New England Journal of Medicine, however, is not the only publication to suggest that drinking coffee may boost your health. In fact, Forbes suggests drinking two to three cups a day may reduce the progression of mental health conditions — like dementia — and decrease the likelihood of heart disease, too.

Coffee On the Go

Now that consumers can indulge without the guilt, finding coffee for sale near home and work is likely to become a priority. Luckily, business owners are going out of their way to make the popular brew more widely available than ever. In fact, a new trend — mobile coffee franchises or mobile coffee van businesses — is sweeping across the globe. Mobile coffee franchises may pop up at events; others are manning mobile coffee vans with convenient drive-through service.

Studies agree: consumers can drink coffee, and feel good about it. Whether you stop by new, drive-through stands or mobile coffee or brew coffee at home, you may very well be improving your general health, reducing your risk of heart disease, and slowing the effects of mental deterioration.

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