Four of the Best Drinks Mobile Cafes Have to Offer

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Mobile cafes’ menus are pretty extensive, and can be kind of tricky to navigate for the casual coffee drinker. To help you find your new favorite way to consume caffeine, here’s a quick guide on the different styles of coffee drinks you can get at a mobile cafe.


Espressos are the base drink of most other drinks served by mobile cafes. Mobile cafe baristas force pressurized, hot water through finely ground coffee beans to produce full-flavored, concentrated shots of coffee. These are usually ordered, served, and consumed in a matter of minutes, because the drink tends to oxidize quickly.


Lattes are perfect for people who take a lot of milk or cream in their coffee. Mobile cafes make lattes by adding three parts steamed milk and a thin layer of foam to espresso. There’s also the flat white, which is a latte without the foam. These are great for people who fail to see the point of having foam (or simply don’t want it).


Cappucinos are also like lattes, but instead of adding a ton of milk and a little foam, mobile cafes replace half the milk with foam. So if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between cappucinos and lattes is, it’s the foam.


For many, the taste of espresso is far too strong, but the taste of cappucinos and lattes are too mute. For these folks, there’s the Americano, which is one part espresso and three parts hot water.

Mobile coffee vans are a godsend. What’s better than a hot, caffeinated goodness provider on four wheels? These mobile cafes have anything and everything a regular, stationary cafe could offer, and all of their beverages are the same — if not superior — quality, so there’s no reason not to try something new.

If you have any questions about ordering something from a mobile cafe, feel free to share in the comments. More on this topic.

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