If You Own a Home With a Well, You Need to Get Your Water Tested Every Year

Water conductivity and resistivity

Is the world in the midst of a water crisis? Recent reports indicate that water is a concern for much of the developing world. Environmental activists and relief groups are working to make sure that people around the world have access to clean water. Every year, more than 2 million tons of waste products are put into water supplies around the world, and water experts need to find ways to filter out all of the impurities. It’s a complex process, but they are making progress in the deployment of water testing kits in rural and developing nations. European inventors also recently rolled out a straw that filters out impurities and makes water safe to drink: millions of people are able to access clean drinking water closer to home because of new technological advances.

Scientists are also developing ways to maintain the health of our rivers and streams: experts say that about 25% of our streams are healthy and that the rest could use a little bit of work. People may not be aware of the laws governing chemical dumping in their local area, and water testing kits are recommended for people who live next to — and fish from — local streams. About 40% of our streams, 65% of our lakes, and 30% of our bays could use cleaning, and scientists are finding that some native species are growing scarce or having trouble flourishing in environments that have been compromised by unintentional chemical pollution.

Of course, it’s a good idea to test your water source with water quality testing kits: sometimes, you may notice that your well water has a slight aftertaste. If you are wondering about the quality of your water, you could contract for a water testing expert to come to your home or business. Often, experts will measure water resistivity and water conductivity to get a sense of how pure the water supply really is, but a water resistivity monitor is often more important a measure for industrial applications.

In general, a water resistivity monitor will show experts how pure the water is: the higher the resistivity, the more pure. When fresh water has too much salt in it, a water resistivity monitor will show that the lake or stream is overly conductive. Fresh water does not conduct electricity very well and is rarely used in factories except as a coolant. If your water supply has been compromised by organic elements like dirt and debris, you should immediately contact a water contractor: testing your water is vital, because some water sources still contain trace amounts of lead or other toxic elements.

Many years ago, comedians used to joke about a future where air and water were both for sale. While we usually pay for our water here in the United States, many countries around the world have much more trouble getting water to their citizens. There are reports from Africa that young people have to walk miles every day to get water for their families, but concerned environmental groups are working to install wells for rural villages. New filtration technology is helping people who need daily access to clean water, and environmentalists are working to clean up toxic dump sites in this country as well. You should ask inspectors to make use of a water resistivity monitor to test your natural spring or manmade well, and then implement the recommendations that they provide. It’s vitally important to make sure that you have access to clean drinking water and that there has been no accidental contamination of your water supply.

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